Let me tell you about last nights concert.

The Philharmonia Orchestra kindly asked me to perform as a soloist the Vivaldi Double cello concerto ( one of Prince Charles favorite cello pieces ) in a Fund raising concert at the Prince’s countryside residence. Set in an absolutely gorgeous part of the UK.

Having had the priviledge to play for the Prince on several occasions as a soloist ( thanks to the Philharmonia ), I have always found him to be incredibly nice and he seems always interested in my career.

Anyway, probably the most nerve raking moment, was when I had to make a speech and try to convince the Prince to come up on stage and lead us through ( as a conductor ) the encore piece which had been specially written for the Prince “The Highgrove Polka” ….. I was rather nervous that I would not be able to articulate the first obligatory line of any speeches addressed to such an audience….it goes as such ” Your Royal Highness, Distinguished Guests, My Lords, ladies and Gentleman……and then so  on so on so on….when rehearsing the opening in the gardens …I kept not be able to articulate the opening…..anyway…..after making a couple of light hearted comments, I asked hi Royal Highness if he would be so kind to take on the challenge to lead us through the last piece….but I had to beg of him to do so….He then showed me he wanted me to kneel down ( in a cheeky way) and as I was kneeling down presenting the Baton …. He decided to Knight me with the conductors Baton……..( lets hope there is Photographic evidence of this, as soon I have it I will post it)  so technically…..I could be called “Sir David Cohen” from now on…..( only joking)

Anyway, it was great evening, the Prince did a great job, so did the Orchestra  and everyone was over the moon, we had a wonderful dinner after with the Guests and drove home at around 01h30…..

Hope there are more evenings like these coming.

Stay in tune