Tokyo Here we are

Myself and my little brother ( that s my cello, I call it as such cuz it always needs looking after even though he is about 300 years old ) we both travelled Business class ( yeah baby!) to Tokyo and after a rather bumpy ride with turbulences climaxing by being struck by lightning during our descent to Tokyo Narita airport, we are both now trying to get rid of a very very bad Jet Lag….by the way if anyone has suggestions for coping with Jet Lag, please let me know….

Anyway, my driver Mr “Fukimoto” was there to pick me up and I meet Ashkenazy and his wife for dinner and we rehearsed this morning with the NHK Symphony Orchestra, and I must say it was really great, it’s a really wonderful Orchestra and Vladimir made me feel really comfortable and working both of us together to try to make the most out of the rehearsal, was a wonderful memory.

I am really looking forward to the first concert…wish me luck.

Stay in tune