Tokyo part two

It’s the middle of the night about 4 am and I am wide awake, unable to fall asleep…even though I am exhausted. Anyway, I though I might tell you about the concert with NHK, a quick general rehearsal and before the concert and then I had about 1h30 to wait until the actual performance ( with TV crew filming live ). Rehearsal went very well, so I made my way to my dressing room to relax, I did not want to practice anymore, and getting dressed would take me about 3 min, so I decided to sit on the sofa and just relax a little ….only to be woken up by banging on my door to let me know I had 5 min until the show starts….I had completely collapsed, fast asleep for one hour and half….so I had to wake up, get dressed, tune and warm up cello and before I could catch my breath I was already being rushed on stage….concert went very well….thank God for that.

After the show, I was greeted by some of the audience waiting at the Artist entrance and one particular man who had found all my CD’s….( that’s about 6 ) and wanted me to sign all of them…I was really touched by the fact that there was someone in this world that actually had researched and found all my CD’s and listened to all of them and ( I hope ) appreciated them enough to want a signature on them….I wonder if I will see him again on my next visit to Tokyo….?

Stay in tune