Welcome Note

A little welcome note,

I will try not bore you to death ( at least I will try my very best not to).

I hope you find my website  interesting , easy to use and useful in your search for up to date information that you seek.

As you can gather from this website I am and try to be as versatile as possible as a musician, I love adventures, new experiences and thrive on challenges being thrown in my direction. It is my goal to keep an open learning mind in order to grow as cellist as well as a musician. ( oh my god that sounded so cheesy…)

Anyway, but I really do welcome any advice, criticism and ideas anyone might have in order for me to try and excel in my field as a solo artist….so don’t hesitate to contact me! ( I apologies in advance if I don’t respond immediately to your email, I will try my very best to get back to you as soon as possible!)

I hope you can come and hear me live in one of my concerts soon or perhaps you might want to check out one of my CD’s or Youtube videos.