Fasil Say concert Feb 2010 Baden-Baden:

It all began by being met with astonishment at the sight of Pianist Fasil Say…. He is a wonderfully talented and inspired Musician but does not look anything like the 25 years old concert pictures that I have seen about him……But I guess that goes for a lot of musicians these days.

We started with his own composition for piano and strings called “the silk road” a very effective piece of music that depicts a journey through Asia to Turkey, it involves a series of drones and recurring prologue that connects all the movements into one big piece of music. I particularly like the prepared piano effects, it really expands the ranges of colours that Fasil looks for in order to portray some very powerful moments in the music, imitating Asian like type instruments.

It s always nice to discover a new exciting work , and I always enjoy a little bit of a rhythmical challenge like in the second movement….I recommend it to everyone.