Quartet for the end of time in Kuhmo 2009

I met Massimo Quarta at Rome airport ( well if you can call that a meeting, I recognized him, but because I was so tired and in a bad mood I was wearing my sunglasses and I did not want to talk with anyone at that stage ) only to discover the beginning of a great relationship with a wonderful musician.

We had been matched by Vladimir Mendelssohn to perform a series of concerts together in Kuhmo, amongst those solos was the famous “Quartet for the end of time”.  A very powerful piece of music that is very dear to me and always reminds me of my origins.

This is not only a masterpiece, it is also an extremely difficult and complex piece of chamber music, each  instrument having its own dedicated solo movement but also grouped together  in the other movements.  We were opening the festival with this piece and because of tough scheduling issues, we only had a few hours to rehearse, a rather brave challenge to take on. To clarify how little we had, until about an hour before the concert, the wonderful pianist ( Andrea Ruccli ) and I did not have a chance to actually play once the gorgeous and very slow cello/piano movement.

The outcome was a team of passionate chamber music players, focused on the moment and ready to defy any difficulties together…..this created a very beautiful, intense and memorable performance.