S.Gubbaidulina with BBC and Philharmonia and Martin Brabbins

The first time I discovered this work was before my appointment with the Philharmonia Orchestra as principal cello. This was to be performed at the RFH as part of the MOP (Music of Today series ).  I later had the chance to do it again for a recording for the BBC with Martin Brabbins.

This wonderful work sets out in distinctive seven parts the seven last words of Christ.

This concerto for Cello, Bayan and Chamber Orchestra is a poignant reminder of the influences that certain institutions have on the art form and specifically on classical music.

The result is a heavy and deeply meaningful masterpiece.

The collaboration between the cello and Bayan produces some incredibly exciting, varied waves of colors of sounds. The breathing effects being produces by the Bayan ( not unlike another type of Accordion, the Bandeon a German instrument that was produced in mass near Stuttgart and later adopted with open arms in Argentinia becoming the leading instrument for Tango music ) has a deep impact on the performance and on the listener and almost hypnotic feeling comes over us and takes us into a world where the cello line often floats above as if to portray the heavens.

Yet again another wonderful work that needs to be performed more often.