Supporting artist for Midori

Coming back from a very extensive and long tour of Australia and Europe with Maestro Ashkenazy , there was no time to go home from the airport in order to be on time for the Bedford residency concert that we were expected to do…unfortunately the weather of England at the time decided otherwise, a sudden snow blizzard over took the whole country and most motor ways were completely blocked, only the few musicians that had decided to take the train made it on time with some minor delays.

A little panic over took everyone as only about a quarter of the orchestra was there, no conductor, no soloist ( Midori ) and we were all supposed to start the performance very shortly

The management turned to me and asked if I would consider buying the orchestra some time by playing some solo Bach and anything else that might pass through my mind…never turning down a good challenge, I jumped on stage, made a little speech about my colleagues being on their way and offered some light entertainment by playing some of J.S.Bach finest solo suites, this followed with a more contrasting piece of classical music, Paganini, which I always accompany with the entertaining back ground story on this particular piece ( most of you who have heard me play, know what I am talking about ).

I managed to buy just enough time for about half of the orchestra to make it, for the librarian to miraculously find some Bach violin concerto and for Midori to arrive just in time to perform it…so in other words I was the supporting act for Midori….