Barber cello concerto at Barbican

This one event in my life is very close to my heart. Once I decided to enter the Gold Medal competition at the Barbican, part of the program was to choose a possible concerto to perform for  the final (even though I was not sure that I would get to that stage!)

I wanted to choose something unusual, exciting and with a wow factor….it came to me when I discovered the S.Baber cello concerto, straight away I knew that this piece was a winner. Read on…

Supporting artist for Midori

Coming back from a very extensive and long tour of Australia and Europe with Maestro Ashkenazy , there was no time to go home from the airport in order to be on time for the Bedford residency concert that we were expected to do…unfortunately the weather of England at the time decided otherwise, a sudden snow blizzard over took the whole country and most motor ways were completely blocked, only the few musicians that had decided to take the train made it on time with some minor delays. Read on…

Welcome Note

A little welcome note,

I will try not bore you to death ( at least I will try my very best not to).

I hope you find my website  interesting , easy to use and useful in your search for up to date information that you seek.

As you can gather from this website I am and try to be as versatile as possible as a musician, I love adventures, new experiences and thrive on challenges being thrown in my direction. It is my goal to keep an open learning mind in order to grow as cellist as well as a musician. ( oh my god that sounded so cheesy…)

Anyway, but I really do welcome any advice, criticism and ideas anyone might have in order for me to try and excel in my field as a solo artist….so don’t hesitate to contact me! ( I apologies in advance if I don’t respond immediately to your email, I will try my very best to get back to you as soon as possible!)

I hope you can come and hear me live in one of my concerts soon or perhaps you might want to check out one of my CD’s or Youtube videos.

Chamber Music memories West Cork

Here I am ….. back from West Cork Chamber Music Festival, one of the most wonderful and memorable experience in a long time ( I had almost forgotten how wonderful it is to play chamber music with friends who happen to be amazing musicians).

The scenery was poetic, Bantry House ( the main venue where all the concerts took place and where we also spend a large amount of time rehearsing eating and generally running around from one concert to another) the stewards were adorable ( always looking after us well ) and the repertoire for the concerts were really great. Read on…

Tokyo part two

It’s the middle of the night about 4 am and I am wide awake, unable to fall asleep…even though I am exhausted. Anyway, I though I might tell you about the concert with NHK, a quick general rehearsal and before the concert and then I had about 1h30 to wait until the actual performance ( with TV crew filming live ). Rehearsal went very well, so I made my way to my dressing room to relax, I did not want to practice anymore, and getting dressed would take me about 3 min, so I decided to sit on the sofa and just relax a little ….only to be woken up by banging on my door to let me know I had 5 min until the show starts….I had completely collapsed, fast asleep for one hour and half….so I had to wake up, get dressed, tune and warm up cello and before I could catch my breath I was already being rushed on stage….concert went very well….thank God for that. Read on…

Tokyo Here we are

Myself and my little brother ( that s my cello, I call it as such cuz it always needs looking after even though he is about 300 years old ) we both travelled Business class ( yeah baby!) to Tokyo and after a rather bumpy ride with turbulences climaxing by being struck by lightning during our descent to Tokyo Narita airport, we are both now trying to get rid of a very very bad Jet Lag….by the way if anyone has suggestions for coping with Jet Lag, please let me know…. Read on…

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